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Training Programme Outline & Philosophy

The Institute's four-year training programme is provided in a group workshop setting, with emphasis on personal learning, enhancing personal awareness and capacity for relationship, group process, development of practical skills through supervision of trainee's work in group, as well as theory-based seminars and discussions.

Trainees complete progressive yearly modules, which run from March to November, each year. Trainees can choose to do one or more years of training, according to their personal and professional interests. Each training year consists of six weekend workshops. Third and fourth year trainees have additional theory evenings and participate in small, ongoing supervision groups.

The GTIWA programme is designed to progressively develop the personal, theoretical and practical skills of trainees, with an initial emphasis on enhancement of awareness and a subsequent shift to skills building and a deeper understanding of theoretical issues involved in the practice of Gestalt therapy. Progression through the programme is not automatic, but by satisfactory completion of each yearly module.

To facilitate learning and professional development in this training programme, trainees are required to undertake a minimum of 20 individual therapy sessions per year in, with a Gestalt therapist recommended by the Institute.

Entry to the programme is non-discriminatory on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, religion, social class or disability. This programme respects the personal and professional backgrounds that individual trainees bring to the training group, by encouraging and supporting learning at each trainee's own pace. The primary goal of completing this training course is the development of a high level of competency as a Gestalt Therapist, with a unique personal style; one that reflects the individuality and personal background of the practitioner and recognizes and respects individual differences.

Applicants to the programme need to complete a formal application form plus have at least one entry interview and/or attend a two-day Taster Workshop. In selecting applicants for training, consideration is given to both academic/professional achievement and personal readiness to complete the programme. Applicants need to demonstrate a range of personal capacities and qualities to support themselves through the training programme.

Offers of a place in the training programme are based on professional qualifications, work experience and personal suitability. Preference is given to applicants with training in a Mental Health Profession such as Psychology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Medicine & Psychiatry, and other Health Care Professions. The training is also well suited to individuals working in the fields of training/education and human resource/management. Course Structure

The training programme is spread over a minimum of four years. Throughout this period there is an emphasis on integrating personal growth with the theoretical understanding of Gestalt therapy theory and the development of sound practitioner skills.

Training groups usually start the training year in March and finish by November. Training is offered in an intensive workshop format, over six weekends.

The main training focus in Module One is the development of personal awareness and self-support for making good contact and enhancing capacity for relationship, as a preliminary foundation to skills development. This is a year primarily dedicated to experiential learning (100%).

In Module Two, trainees begin practising Gestalt therapy skills under supervision, with more emphasis placed on theoretical reading and discussion (70% experiential learning and 30% supervision).

In Modules Three and Four, the emphasis is on the continued development of practitioner skills, and a thorough understanding of the theory and processes underlying the application of Gestalt Therapy, through continued personal work, supervision of work, extensive reading, theory seminars and written assignments. In these two years of training 50% of training comprises experiential learning and up to 50% consisting of a variety of supervision experiences in group, in small triads with Faculty Members.

Over the four years of training, the course comprises 60-70% experiential learning experiences (in group and personal therapy) and 25-30% supervisory experiences, which are gradually introduced and extended throughout the four years of training.

Course Costs

Training is completed in yearly Modules. Trainees coming into training must commit themselves to a training group on a yearly basis, on acceptance of an offer to join Module One group. The fee for Module One in 2025 is $3600 (GST included). A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is due with acceptance of a place in a training group. The remainder ($2600) is payable two weeks before the training programme begins.

The group will start the training year in March and finish in November, 2025.

As well as completing the group component of the training, Module One trainees are required to complete at least 20 individual therapy sessions, for training purposes, with a Gestalt therapist recommended by the Institute. This represents an additional cost to training. Both the fee for Group Training and the Therapy fee can be ordinarily considered a deduction off your taxable income, if you are completing the training as a necessary part of practising your profession.

Taster Weekend Workshop

A two day "Taster" weekend workshop will again be offered (scheduled for 7th & 8th December 2024) for individuals who are considering starting training in 2025, but who have little or no experience of Gestalt Therapy.

This workshop will be led by the Institute's Training Directors, Zish and Claudia Rosenbach-Ziembinski, who are both practising Clinical Psychologists in private practice. The cost is $450.00 (GST included).

If you would like to attend the "Taster" workshop, register your interest as soon as possible to secure a place, by contacting Zish Rosenbach-Ziembinski (Email: or Tel: 0407 081 848).

What to do

If you want more information about this training course, please contact us. If you would like to apply for training, you need to complete and submit an Application Form, which can be obtained on request from the Institute. On submission of your Application Form, you will be interviewed by a Faculty Member. If you have little or no experience in Gestalt Therapy, attending the "Taster" weekend workshop is recommended, to assist you in deciding whether to start the training programme.

Early expressions of interest and applications for training are appreciated. Training in 2025 starts in March. If you are interested in starting training in 2025 or just want more information, please phone or email Zish, in the first instance:

The Institute's contact details are as follows:

Zish Rosenbach-Ziembinski

Phone: 0407 081 848


Fax: 61-8-6270 4400

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